Starting her cheer life !

Mila started cheerleading this past January and has been doing gymnastics for about 3 years but the first two years where at an introduction gym for baby and toddlers. This September will be Milas first year at a more skilled professional gym. Mila is a very shy girl and this year starting school and this new gym she really has come a long way and is growing to such a respectable strong little girl. I wanted to try Mila in this performance cheer they had at her gym so she could have experience with working on a team and some Independence with her friends since she is homeschooled. This was Milas first performance at the UMass Lowell Hockey game and the confidence she had blown her family away. We are so proud and I wanted to share her first performance press the link above Enjoy !!!!

Organization and Schedules !!

I am a very organized person and I think I might have a little OCD with cleaning ! I just feel better and I have less anxiety if my house is clean and I know where everything is. Well having 2 children a husband and some pets it’s not that easy. When I have my organization and schedule I can break it down and be able to get everything done ✅. I also have been trying to teach my daughter this, the oldest one obviously 🙄 but she is 5 and I do get a lot of attitude. but there are days she will surprise me and organize her things and realize something is messy and want it to be clean. So I will take that as a mom win for now hahaha . Everyones life is different and everyone does what’s best for them but for me I have to write things down and then cross it off when I complete it. My husband always calls me ancient but it’s what works for me. I actually have 3 schedules that I go by every single day so I don’t forget anything. The first schedule is Milas school and athletics and I have a calendar in my bedroom showing me when all of my bills are due. I also have dr appt and Milas activities so my husband can see it . I also have another calendar in Milas class room with basically all school and activities things that are going on that month. It’s so hard to be spontaneous and do something at a drop of a hat because I’m such a scheduled person and even more now that Mila is homeschooled and is a busy 5 year old it works great with my girls for them to have the same routine. They know what to expect everyday. And I then know I might get an hour to my self before I have to get everything ready for the next day and one of the girls wake up because god for bid they can both sleep through the night. Does anyone else live by a schedule? What is your routine with or without children to feel like the day was accomplished?

Lets Get Started:

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If you have read my introductions you now know that I have lost my mom in 2018, had my second daughter in 2019 and also my oldest daughter started Kindergarden which she is homeschooled and I am her learning coach. So a lot of changes in the last 3 years and it has been overwhelming. In it self alone losing my mom is an amount of pain that I can’t describe and wouldn’t wish on anyone. She was my best friend! She also was such an amazing Mimi to my oldest daughter. Mila talks about my mom every single day. Its the most painful happiness every time she talks about her. The emotions are everywhere.

Selena was born in February 2019 and she really was the rainbow at the end of our family storm that we dealt with in 2018. She showed me that there are parts of life that are still beautiful. Having my daughters have really helped me see the good in life after my mom passed. I am still struggling with anxiety but I have been finding things that have helped me keep my mind busy. Lately have been doing some crafty things around my apartment that I would love to share in my future post. Also if anyone is going through the same kind of thing I would love for you to share your story.