Well, it’s hard for me to write about myself. Maybe it’s because I don’t really know who I am right now. I have been a mom for just about 6 years and that’s really all I know anymore. It feels like that anyways. I have dedicated every ounce of me into motherhood and never knew how to balance who I am, while being a mother. It’s harder than people really think! Well, when I started to finally feel like myself and life was pretty good I found out my mom had stage 4 colon cancer and then 2 months later I found out I was pregnant with my second daughter. Life hit me, and I literally went into survival mode. All I could think about was how I need to take care of my mother, and my daughter, and unborn child. I don’t know anyone else that had to go through something like that all at once but, WOW! what a fucking roller coaster. I don’t usually swear but that sentence deserved it. I lost my mom 8 months after her diagnoses and then had my daughter 3 months later. Ive never experienced Being so sad and angry and so happy at the same time it really messed with me. I have suffered with anxiety and now depression and after that, it just got worse. I really am trying to find myself again and it definitely takes a lot of work. I have been through a lot in my life but I’m learning that I can’t let it slow me down especially when I have two little girls looking up to me . On this page I will be posting my personal journey trying to find me again, Your welcome to come for the journey! I’m hoping writing will lead me to some insights about myself, and if your struggling maybe my journey can help you find your way! READY LETS GO….

Tips on helping vibrant coloring !

First thing is first I always recommend going to a salon and professionally getting it done ✅ but I know a lot of people don’t and it’s expensive so I’m going to give you a couple of tips to help so your hair does not get ruined!!! Your going to have to use bleach to get a vibrant color. I would suggest going you Sally’s beauty supply and getting bleach and 20 volume developer. The developer is what activates the bleach. When putting this on wear gloves 🧤 and do root to end if coloring your whole head or where ever you desire! Thick coarse hair can handle the bleach better than some one with thin hair so keep that in mind. The color I would try to reach with the bleach is a yellow white stage I would try to stay away from the orange color that some times hair pulls and might have to rebleach. After that process is down I would wash your hair 2 times and the dry to almost completely dry. Then it is safe to put the desired color. If you could have help that would be best so then you could have proper sections and make sure you get every long piece covered then I usually would put my hair up and leave it in as long as possible an hour the shortest I’ve also done five hours the longest but I always stayed home all day I just wanted to make sure my hair is super vibrant then when I rinse it out I just rent it out and use conditioner I don’t wash it.