It’s been a little while

I haven’t wrote a post in awhile due to dealing with my anxiety. It came on out of nowhere. I started work and that Monday after it was like I was hit by a Mack truck ! I couldn’t hold Down food, I was in and out of the hospital, I had a panic attack and passed out in the hospital.

I was literally all over the place and I couldn’t figure out where the hell this all came from. I thought I was in a really good place and was finally on a good path! WRONG…. I honestly have not dealt with my moms passing I have just kept pushing it aside !! Now sitting here talking to my therapist I really realizing how much I actually do!

I’m a full time mom of two daughters, now a full time college student, learning coach to my oldest daughter ( now it’s summer vacation woo hoo). I’m a hairstylist on the weekend and I’m an owner of a health and wellness company called Arbonne. Some where in the middle of all that I’m a wife and my husband and I barely see or have time for each other with our crazy schedule. By the way tomorrow will be 15 years that we have been together it’s so crazy !!!

With trying to figure out how to really deal with my moms death which I feel it’s going to be incredibly hard because she was my whole life. Now figuring out how to give my family and I a life I never had and always wanted. I think that’s why I try to stay so busy I want to learn, I want to thrive, I want that life !!!!!

Writing this I can see how my anxiety has creeped up on me 😳 it’s A lot but I’m not going to give up. I am going to start over and I am going to figure it out . Anxiety and panic attacks are a real thing and not sure that a lot of people understand that or how to act toward it. Just know that everyone has a journey and a story and are going through things and just be kind and understanding. Some people can handle situations better than others and some people need the extra push and that is ok to.

For me this is not a set back it’s just part of my journey and how I come out of it is the victory and that is what I am focusing on !!! I’m back and ready to see what is next !!!!

Not a set back

Just part of my story

One step out of my comfort zone 😳

So if you have read my post you would know that I really am trying to work on who I am. Where I fit in this world. I also want to be a better wife and mother to my family. There is always room for improvement.

I want to step out and try to start my own business, so while I am at home with my children and homeschooling my oldest I want and NEED to bring in more 💴 money for my family.

My children deserve a house to grow up in and I deserve to be the best version of myself. So I started a business with Arbonne. If you are not familiar with Arbonne there an all natural product business. The business focuses on helping people live a better healthier life as well as trying to help out the earth!

Our business is about empowering people and helping them flourish. By being good to themselves, there community and the planet 🌎 who wouldn’t want to be apart of a business so uplifting or even just trying to be a better person.

So I launched my business May 8th and had to present my “WHY” to my friends and family! Being in front of people (even if it is on zoom) I was so nervous and was doubting myself. But I kept telling myself I’m not going to grow if I’m not willing to challenge myself and my new outlook on life is I don’t really care what people think about me especially negative because I’m the one taking care of my family and paying my bills nobody else. I was so proud of myself after!!!! This is definitely a big step in my new journey.

What I really want out of life !

It’s hard writing these kind of post because I personally think I should be where I want to be in life with certain things and I’m not. I beat myself up about it all the time.

Reasons behind that is not being raised and taught about certain life “must knows” and my own stupid life mistakes I made knowing it was not ok. I got in my own way thinking I needed everything that everyone had to make myself feel worthy. I feel so stupid now seeing that and going to do the total opposite. In my childhood life we grew up in survival mode, that’s all I knew. My parents lived paycheck to paycheck.

What I really want is for my kids to have there own house to grow up in . That is my number one priority. They deserve there own rooms and space, they deserve a yard to have fun in and make memories. I also wanted it for myself, I never grew up in a house. and had memories in a home for my birthday or holidays parties and I deserve that, my inner child that never grew up in a home deserves that too!!

What is my next step !!! I’m going to not spend my money on stupid things that are not worthy to me right now. Where going to get our life finances in order and start having a savings for a house. There is so much more that I can do for my family financially and I’m going to figure it out. It’s a must !!!

Easter in Quarintine

Easter was the best it could be under all the restrictions these days. I was wondering how I was going to make Easter as normal and fun as possible for my daughters. In my opinion they already have lost so much I couldnt take away Easter. Mila misses her cheer team and Gym. We miss our family and friends. Even not being able to go to the park or a playdate. So we got creative!!!

This year I ordered everything online through Target so I could just go in get it and leave. Which is hard for me because I am a shopper and miss browsing the stores. Now I am just an online window shopper hahah anyways. That worked out great then. On pinterest I found how to color Easter eggs with kool aid. So the day before, we tried It. It was a success and didnt stink. It was also great because Selena kept trying to drink it.

When Saturday night arrived and the girls fell asleep I went into Easter Bunny mode. I got all there goodies out and placed all the Easter bunnies foot prints around the house. It has been a tradition since I was little and Mila loves it!! This is Selenas first year seeing the prints and she basicly made snowangles through the powder hahaha. She loved it too !!! I also set up a fun scavenger hunt and Easter egg hunt throughout the house. It really is all the little things that children remember.

After all the fun morning festivities 🥳 we decided to go on a family walk. Mila decided to find rocks to take home and paint them. She said since there are people sick she wanted to make the world pretty to help everyone feel better. She is five years old and for her to think like that already makes my heart so full! It gives me hope that I am raising strong, kind, woman!

Also I had to throw in a photoshoot because that is what is fun for me hehehe. I love the memories and I did miss my “Normal” Easter but I can say I had a great one with my little family and got to make some presious memories. Here are some photos I would like to share:

Virtual Schooling – Tips to help Parents!

Virtual learning is changing the way that students can learn. However, just because the classroom looks different does not mean that social relationships are any less important to the learning experience for students enrolled in a virtual schooling program.

In this setting it is the parents and other caregivers who offer some of the most critical guidance that students need to be successful in their academic adventure. For students enrolled in virtual programs, the basic support they need from parents is just the same as any regular student!

Positivity, accountability, and the knowledge that family members are aware of and care about what they’re working on. But, virtual learning does come with some unique challenges. This is where some planning and strategies can really make or break the experience for both parent and student.

Here are five things you as a parent can do to help your child achieve success in virtual courses:

Build a Schedule with your child

One of the biggest benefits of virtual learning is the flexibility it offers. That flexibility, does comes at a price. That price is the absence of a predetermined schedule .

Students in virtual courses need to build their own routines and manage their time in order to stay on track. Having a well-thought-out, specific daily schedule is KEY! Parents can be a huge help, not only in building such a plan but also in making sure that it is followed.

Before your child’s virtual course(s) begins, sit down together and think through what he or she is responsible for accomplishing in his or her virtual courses on a daily and, or, weekly basis.

This is where you try to figure out how much time those tasks will realistically take, and what other commitments (sports, arts, work, family engagements, etc.) he or she needs to consider.

Bring your child’s virtual teacher(s) into the conversation too—teachers can offer valuable advise into what the demands of virtual courses really look like and how time will need to be managed.

Once you’ve talked through everything on your child’s plate, help him or her write out a weekly schedule with designated work time for online courses.

hang up the schedule in a noticeable place, like on the refrigerator or next to a calendar, to help keep your child accountable and create an effective routine.

Model Hard Work and Persistence

Modeling success in virtual courses takes a high level of motivation and self-directed effort.

For those new to virtual schooling remember to allow time for adaptation. For some virtual students, this motivation comes naturally, but for others, especially those new to online courses, getting adapted to self-directed learning can be a challenge.

Parents and other caregivers can make a big difference here, simply by demonstrating that pervasiveness is an important skill out in the“real world” beyond school.

Talking to your child about your own work and goals is a great place to start. Tell him or her about difficult projects you’re working on, new skills you’re trying to master, and challenges you’ve faced.

For instance, do you have a big presentation coming up at work? Tell your child about the extra time you’re putting in to prepare. Are you in the process of taking up a new hobby? Tell your child about how you’ve had to try and fail.

Take the time to sit down with him or her while they are working on coursework, and try to tackle some projects of your own at the same time. These don’t have to be big project or perfect examples (and don’t expect to hold your child’s attention), but demonstrating your own hard work and motivated attitude will help your child take a similar approach.

For your child seeing is much more powerful than hearing.

Set Up a Workspace 

Everyone is different, and surroundings make a huge difference in one’s mindset and ability to focus.

Students enrolled in virtual courses have the ability to complete their work where they want, so it’s important to put thought into what kind of environment is truly most effective for them.

This means making sure that they have a designated space at home. Some where quiet, and, a place with the least amount of distractions.

If your child thrives in quiet, make sure that he or she has a desk and comfortable chair in a quiet area. If he or she needs a little more interaction and hands-on interaction, a desk or table in the living room or kitchen may be a good option.

No matter what the workspace looks like, be sure that your child has easy access to the materials and supplies that he or she will need.

like good headphones, a wireless mouse if he or she will be working on a laptop, paper for notes, pens, and other office supplies.

Familiarize Yourself with the Virtual Learning Platform

Students taking virtual courses spend their school days engaged in an online program.

For the parents, taking the time to get familiar with how the platform looks like, how your child is using it, and what resources are available are some of the best ways you can offer support.

You can start by exploring any resources provided by the virtual learning program next to your child.

Make sure that your child is comfortable exploring through the courses and completing basic tasks like submitting assignments and checking grades.

Communication between students and the teacher is equally if not more important in virtual courses. Many virtual course providers also offer parent portals—be sure to find and explore any tools like this, so that you can monitor your child’s progress.

It’s your child’s course, but by knowing the program, you will have a better grasp on what his or her learning looks like and how you can best provide support.

You also will know everything that is happening in your Childs academic life.

Build a Relationship with Your Child’s Teachers

Virtual teachers are teachers like any others!

They’re qualified, dedicated professionals who want to build strong relationships with their students it is simply amazing!!!

For parents, your child’s virtual teachers are your star teammates in supporting your child through his or her online schoolwork.

Essentially all virtual courses require a certain amount of communication back and forth between students and teachers, but these teachers are also available to you.

If you have questions about the course or concerns about your child’s progress, reach out and discuss them with his or her teacher. Remember to share your Childs successes!

You see your child on a very regular basis—the virtual teachers don’t. When you see your child reaching goals, making productive changes, or hitting important milestones, tell the teacher about it—it’s guaranteed that your child will appreciate the positive feedback coming from multiple angles.

Starting her cheer life !

Mila started cheerleading this past January and has been doing gymnastics for about 3 years but the first two years where at an introduction gym for baby and toddlers. This September will be Milas first year at a more skilled professional gym. Mila is a very shy girl and this year starting school and this new gym she really has come a long way and is growing to such a respectable strong little girl. I wanted to try Mila in this performance cheer they had at her gym so she could have experience with working on a team and some Independence with her friends since she is homeschooled. This was Milas first performance at the UMass Lowell Hockey game and the confidence she had blown her family away. We are so proud and I wanted to share her first performance press the link above Enjoy !!!!